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Life is an incredible journey.
Retirement is an important part of it.
Use WealthProbe to explore your retirement plan.

Update: We anticipate releasing our prototype of WealthProbe (the free Beta version) this summer. Read on to learn more, and be among the first to sign up as a Beta User today!

Note the 'Get Beta Version' button at the top will operate once the Beta version is released.

WealthProbe Summarized

WealthProbe provides an accurate and affordable way to explore your retirement goals and progress. It is especially helpful for those who don’t want to pay for a financial advisor, or those who want a second opinion. Spend less time and money to examine the results of your unique retirement plans using WealthProbe.

Retirement Planning

Plan when you can realistically retire.

Run While Offline

Securely examine your unique retirement needs in your own home.

Help your Executor/Trustee

Provide a summary of assets in one convenient secure place.

Your Financial Freedom

WealthProbe can help you decide on spending decisions like whether you can realistically take a trip or give a gift to a loved one.

Easy and Powerful Personal Financial Software

Fee-based advisors focus on portfolio construction and general rules of thumb as the basis for retirement analysis. WealthProbe offers an alternative by analyzing your situation using in-home software focused on goal-based planning by examining both your current and planned investment and spending patterns.

Setup Software

Easily download and install the latest version of WealthProbe to your desktop and laptop. Install updates for free for the duration of your license.

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface for data entry. Internal data verification to guard against inadvertent or mistaken data entry. In-code Help section that helps you prepare for each section, answers frequently asked questions, and offers a glossary of phrases and terms. Each WealthProbe section contains optional additional help buttons to answer questions as they arise.

What-if Analysis

Allows you to change inputs in previously completed sections, enabling you to see how these changes will affect your final results.

WealthProbe Delivers

A complete summary of all your data inputs and key assumptions. Your current net worth and a graphical summary of your current asset allocations. A graph of your cash flow activity to include which non-liquid assets you will need to convert to cash and when. A detailed graph of your net worth as a function of time.

Cash Flow Analysis

This chart shows the result of a simple scenario designed to illustrate WealthProbe’s analysis of cash flow. Your ability to pay all expenses is monitored on a month-by-month basis. When you run out of cash from savings and income, and have no more assets that are readily convertible to cash, WealthProbe will bring this to your attention and list all of your non-liquid assets. It is up to you to choose which asset to sell each time this happens. In this scenario, the user chose to liquidate the non- liquid assets in the order shown in the Liquidation Schedule. Knowing these results, the user might choose to postpone retirement or cut expenses. This analysis also makes the user aware of about when assets will need to be sold to cover the bills. Notice the effect of the user-assumed inflation rate. Expenses (red line) gradually increase, while the slope of cash-available (green line) gradually increases.

Net Worth Analysis

This shows an example of the monthly Net Worth as a function of time, one of the results shown by WealthProbe. This scenario starts in August 2020, with a Target Date of December 2052. Notice the net worth escalates at an increasing rate during this user’s working and preparation phases until the user stops working in December of 2031, just before they retire in January 2032 (the start of their Active retirement phase). This user assumed expenses would decrease in their Restful phase so their net worth decreased at a lower rate then. The user then assumed the Nursing phase would be much more expensive. The user makes it to their Target Year when their estate is worth over $1.3 million, a nice estate to leave to their heirs. WealthProbe continued the calculation past the user’s Target Date and found that their estate would last them until February 2057.

Limited Time Offer

Become a beta tester and receive a 30% discount on the first production version.